Why Us?

• Material handling solutions since 1978
•  Over 100 years of management experience
•  All services offered on “AGREEMENT” no “CONTRACTS”
•  2 hour response time on emergency service calls
•  Emergency mobile service available 24/7 including all holidays
•  Journeyman factory trained Technicians
•  Service for all make and model forklifts
•  Planned Maintenance Program scheduled at specified intervals developed to increase productivity and drive down costs
•  No travel time charge for planned maintenance


Our Commitment:

2008 marked our 30th year in the Forklift and Material Handling Equipment business, an accomplishment we are extremely proud of! As we pause to reflect on the habits and practices that have allowed us over three decades in the industry, one thing becomes crystal-clear: we would never have gotten this far without Going the EXTRA MILE! But what exactly does it mean to “Go the EXTRA MILE”?

It’s not just a slogan. Going the EXTRA MILE means giving and doing more than what is expected.  In our world, it means anticipating a customer’s need before they are even aware of it.  It means providing you with the service you expect and more, and doing it with a smile.  To us, it is a way of life – and the only right way to conduct business. When thoughtfully applied, it is a mindset that can reap enormous success both in business and personal life.

It is our commitment to our customers that we strive toward excellence every single day; but this is a process, not a destination. It involves a constant flow of learning, working together, sharing opinions and insights. Our customers are a vital part of this process.

To our customers, we offer our genuine gratitude for allowing us to earn your business. You have our word that we will continue going the EXTRA MILE for you! To our dedicated employees: sincere thanks for all that you do as we continue to work toward our common goals, forklift industry and beyond. Here’s looking forward to the next 30 years!