Cheap Labor Rates

Labor rates are affected by the quality of the technicians hired. By keeping technicians up to date on their training, providing the proper tools and equipment, meeting environmental standards, adequate liability insurance, increased workers compensation, proper disposal of hazardous materials and many other issues, International Forklift Co will provide our customers the assurance of no “unacceptable down –time”. If a lower rate is offered, but the technician takes more time to do the job because he hasn’t been trained properly, where is the gain for the customer?


Hazardous waste disposal has become an issue which is totally misunderstood by the customer. Hazardous waste disposal is the responsibility of the user from the cradle to the grave. If major cleanup is needed by your service provider because he/she failed to follow proper disposal procedures and he/she does not have the assets to pay for that cleanup, the customers will participate financially based on the amount of business done for that customer. Workers Compensation is very expensive and in some states almost prohibitive. If your service provider doesn’t have it, his employees would fall under the customer’s Workman’s Compensation if a technician was hurt on the customers’ property. Adequate liability insurance is a must and should be a requirement for any vendor on your premises. Be aware and make sure the coverage is adequate, or in the customers’ attempt to lower costs he/she may well incur some costs that will make the initial price look small.